Hi! My name is Tiana Mylene, and I have over 10 years of experience in fitness, with a background in dance, yoga and exercise physiology, as well as nutrition.  I am passionate about the benefits of a healthful lifestyle, and sharing the keys to reaching those goals.  With a little creativity, exercise can be fun and joyful...time flies when you're moving in sync with energizing world rhythms! Meanwhile you're unwinding and relaxing, strengthening your muscles and cardiovascular system, burning calories, and not even realizing that you're achieving all of these positive results so effortlessly!

Creating customized workouts requiring minimal space, equipment and time, with maximal benefit and enjoyment, is my forte. Whether your goal is simply vibrant health, increased cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, blood pressure reduction, decreased blood sugar levels, stress reduction, alleviation of back pain, or more balance and flexibility, I can design a plan to help you meet your fitness goals.

I completed my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at the University of Northern Colorado and my internship at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute, Greeley, Colorado in 2008.

Current CPR and AED certification.

AFAA, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certified Group Fitness Instructor... www.AFAA.com 

Licensed Zumba instructor... www.zumba.com

Call (970) 689-4615 or e-mail me via my contact page to schedule your free fitness consultation either in the Boulder Valley, Broomfield or Westminster.