Joy of Movement!

Welcome! I'm Tiana Mylene, a Colorado native, and my background is in exercise science, dance, yoga and nutrition.  My passion is sharing the benefits of a healthful lifestyle to help you improve your quality of life through fitness, weight loss and increased energy, so you can make your every moment the best it can be! I have a bachelor's in Exercise Science from UNC in northern Colorado.

I create customized home workouts to include a fun, energizing cardio workout to customized upbeat music, along with muscle-toning, as well as core strengthening to tighten abs and glutes and protect the lower back.  We will also increase your balance and flexibility, through stretching, for functional fitness. Make the move to improve your health and call Tiana at 720-335-2822 for your free consultation!

 My philosophy is that fitness can be fun, and fitness improves every aspect of life! Increase your joy and your health!

You can reach me at (720) 335-2822